Our Expertise

We believe innovation, quality and consistency drive an organization.

Our Innovations are around:

Continuous Delivery and Automation

Learn how 'Team Atrics' can help your organization save money and avoid manual errors by automating your workflows and deployment?

Web & Mobile

We focus on creating scalable, future-centric applications for both Mobile Applications and Web applications. We offer end to end automation for the solutions we deliver. Customized app insight, metrics reports gives an organization the ability to analyze user data and promote the business to get a good margin.

DevOps & Cloud

Our expertise in popular cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Cloud Foundry solutions keep us ahead of the competition. Along with the cloud competency, our ability to deliver 100% automation using Unit Testing Frameworks, Cloud Formation Templates and Autoscaling makes us the default choice for our partners to collaborate.

Your organization can leverage our strengths to optimize your application performance and scalability while optimizing your expenses in cloud infrastructure.

Automation & Continuous Integration

The two aspects of basic customer satisfaction are quality of the application organizations create and its performance. History of purchasing hundreds of hardware during the holiday sales or promotion sales are now the story of the past. These were never sustainable business model since organizations had to invest in huge infrastructure during specific or peak period which otherwise would lie idle.

We promise 99.99% optimized solutions where the systems will auto scale itself and handle your load while at non-peak hours will scale down itself without intervening your performance. This strategy would remove all manual errors while scaling up systems manually and also optimize the spending on the infrastructure.

Learn more about Continuous Integration using GitHub :

Internet of Things

Our Labs are continuously working with IOT based solutions using Azure and Debian IOT infrastructure. Our constant efforts will soon be paying off and our goal is to support the developing markets like India and developed markets like the United States with reliable and cost-effective solutions using Raspberry PI, health, and safety-related applications.

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Why Atrics?

Just use our amazing selection of settings to customize template for your needs really quick

High Code Quality

Atrics follows standard coding guidelines, code coverage tools, and a strict review process to ensure that the highest quality of code is getting delivered.


Our test automations will totally avoid manual errors and streamline deliveries.

Metrics & Stats

We monitor our application and set higher standards to outperform ourselves to exceed P90 or P99 targets.

Support Team

We can take t2 and t3 support for applications with our high standard support infrastructure.


  • Team Atrics has an interesting and flexible product that has the potential to be a real game changer for business operations. I look forward to working with them some more

    Arnel Alecia, Marketing Manager
  • Excellent Team. Taught me the concepts of C# instead of the syntax. Really digging through the language and all of its nuances and features. Highly recommend.

    Georgie Santiago,
  • Nice team, can’t wait to see how it goes.



    Tyler Beavers, Small Business