Prepared to be the leaders in AI & Cloud
"The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is that little extra” - Jimmy Johnson

We at Atrics offer those services that we are best at. We are confident about giving our customers that “extra” in every solution and every service. We offer our customers a wide variety of choices that they can make for each of their requirements. Our innovations with Cloud artificial intelligence are the backbone designed to solve each of our customer’s everyday challenges.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

Push your production solutions every day, beat the competition with the competitive edge of Technology. We will create Pipelines to automate your on premise or cloud deployment and you can automate end-to-end testing and deployment at a single button click.
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Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

In this daily changing world, adapting every technology or platform is difficult. So designing solutions which is futuristic is the need of the hour. We will help you migrate your on-premise solutions to cloud so that you can fearlessly face your next annual sale or promo sale. You can save your time, money and effort in scaling up by purchasing physical hardware.

SAAS and PAAS migration of existing applications or new application

Do you have an exciting solution and do you want to convert them to Software As A Service model, where both customers and you are benefitted? We can help you migrate your existing solutions to SAAS solutions. We can also help your adapt Platform As A Service containers like CloudFoundry, Docker or Kubernet for your existing solutions or new applications.

Agile implementation and Agile coaching

The ever changing world has provided as so many challenges. But each of these challenges are opportunities to adapt and to attain success in best possible ways. One of the best possible solutions provide agile implementation, adaptation to changes, and prepare your team to both embrace changes and consider each to be an opportunity.

We are pioneers in Agile implementation and we will help your organization to adapt Agile and harvest the benefits for the organizations growth. This will also mold the team to face changes quickly and help them deliver solutions continuously.

Microservice implementation and Serverless computing

Today applications are never designed to be for a single platform. Customers have different choices. We help you adapt by providing universal and independent platform solutions.Rest based Microservices are increasing its relevance due to this factor.

Microservices will also help your internal team to interact each other’s solution more secure and organized way. Microservices also enables the solutions to target multiple platform like IOS, Android, Linux, Windows and Web world. We offer solutions based out in WebApi in containers like Docker or Cloud Foundry. Our expertise are also based on Pivotal Spring Framework using Cloud Foundry Solutions.

IT Consulting and Staffing

Finding right people is necessary for the growth of every organization. We help organizations around the globe to find right candidates. We also help corporations in creating offshore teams and manage their development with the help of talents in India and abroad.

Technical Recruitment

We understand our customer's requirements since our team is well versed in the technical aspects of the requirement which will help us to find the right candidate for you. We believe in the quality of the candidates we send for your recruitment needs.


Today's requirement for many of our customers is complete staffing for their requirements. We have our well-trained candidates whom our customers can directly deploy in the running project. We guarantee their technical expertise and their adaptability to any scenarios. We, as a Consultancy Partner of yours thrive to meet any of our customer's recruitment needs. We assure you that your choice of partnership in consultancy will never be in vain and we commit that our brand promise believes in delivering our commitments to its fullest.